Impact of Social Media on Consumer Behaviour

- Bhargavi Govindarajan, MBA in Proj. Mgt.


“Social Media allows us to behave in ways that we are hardwired in the first place – As Humans. We can get frank recommendations from other humans instead of from faceless company” - Francois Gossieaux

Companies throughout the world are regularly seeking new ways to realize and acquire new customers. Nearly a decades past, the television set and therefore the print advertising media were the sole basic parts of promoting ways and advertising. During this current era, these ancient commercialism streams are merely a little section of the many approaches. The customers are not moving towards the e-commerce construct for buying good/services however they’re additionally logging on to consult and derive an opinion regarding many services/products. In this modern era keeping oneself enlightened is changing into straightforward as all the knowledge is on the market on a click of a mouse. The technology is growing speedily and so the customers is well equipped with all the knowledge offered online. Social media connects folks from round the world with one another. The social media has not restricted itself to socializing with friends and family however has gone way above. People also use various products and provide their honest opinions that influence the potential users to form a choice to shop or to not buy the product. Social media offers the customers power to explore product that they’re willing to obtain.

Electronic commerce offers economy-wide advantages to every countries. The gains are highly likely to be targeted in developed countries within the short run, however, developing countries will have more to benefit in the long haul. The quantity of international trade will increase via e-commerce. The countries open to imports from high-income economies will be benefitted from knowledge spillovers. Additionally, electronic commerce is anticipated to make and destroy jobs.

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